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Rotary valves

Rotary Valve (Rotary feeder)
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Dosing function: controls the volume of the materials to be conveyed (powder, granulates, delicate materials, high temperature or abrasive products) Locking function: introduces solids in high-pressure areas; restricting the passage of air or gas and isolating high pressure from low pressure systems Apply to high temperature or abrasive products Fabrication ex-proof
High pressure rotary valves ( also known as rotary feeders), can be made of aluminum or stainless steel with rotor sizes 200/250/320/400/500 or 630 mm for pressure difference below 1.5 bar (g) in the MDS and below 3.5 bar (G) in HDS.
It has the capacity range of 7.5 to 315 m3 / h, and the drilling of the flanges according to DIN 2501 PN 10, ANSI 150 #, or customer standard.
Rotary Valves (Rotary Feeders) are widely used in the unloading and dosing of powder and granular materials in silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying system, bag filters, cyclones and other equipment, in a measured and reliable manner, allowing a detailed volumetric control in transport systems or processing.
Operation principle:
Its operating principle is that of rotor chambers, which remove material from the hopper, silo or other equipment that is installed above, and through the rotational movement the product is discharged from the bottom of the valve.
The operation is carried out in a continuous way, promoting the regular discharge of the product, isolating the systems of high and low pressure, restricting the entrance of false air or gas in the flow, and allowing the application for abrasive products, high temperatures and the explosion proof .
Rotary Valve as know as Rotaru feeder in cut.
They absorb any process oscillations, without the need for cooling or heating of the solid product, due to its capacity to operate at temperatures from -10º C to + 60º C, in standard execution.
Their integrated flanges in the housing ensure the filling of the rotor chambers, thus ensuring functionality and high performance in the process.
For the versions intended for powdered materials, the valve has the top of the bevelled fins, which reduces the adhesion of the material between the rotor and the carcass, and thus the friction, avoiding possible valve locking.
All Zeppelin Rotary Valves have self-lubricating bearings, which make maintenance easier, since they do not need to be greased periodically.
The direction of rotation and rotor speed can be visually checked by the operator during operation, ensuring the functionality and effectiveness of the equipment in the process.
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