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Recipemat« Indicated for companies that want the automation of the dosage, with receipt of raw material in powder and granules, still in big bags. The equipment has great versatility and wide range of use offering precision and repeatability in weighing its raw material.

The RECIPEMAT is the ideal solution for small and medium companies, which have to deal with dosing of dry powders and granulates. The equipment offers great versatility and is used for many applications offering precision and repeatability in weighing your raw materials.

Developed and manufactured according to ZEPPELIN's high quality standards, this compact unit can be delivered including modular electrical control with HMI.




-Best cost - benefit ratio;

-Easy operation;

-Robust but simple construction;

-Requires small installation space;

-Low maintenance required;

-Fabricated of carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel.




Speed according to feeding speed of the operator and dosing screw.


Ø 100 = 1.0 ton / hour

Ø 150 = 3.5 ton / hour


Standard accessories


-Access door to product discharge area with damper;

-Level sight glasses;

-Conical bottom;

-Dosing screw;

-Control panel with push button panels.


Optional accessories


-Device to facilitate the product's outflow;

- Load Cell;
-Suction filter with exhauster;

-Frequency Inverter;

-Automation (HMI and PLC).



The equipment Recipemat® consists of a hopper provided with load cells and equipped with a bag-ripping device. When loaded, the hopper controls the automatic dosing process by weight loss. 

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