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The INTELLI-FILTER is a programmable electronic sequencer for filter elements cleaning. The INTELLI-FILTER was developed to start the cleaning cycle only when absolutely necessary, generating savings in power consumption and compressed air, and longer life of filter elements. Further the INTELLI-FILTER is a smart WiFi device that syncronizes with ANDROID phones thru a freely downloadable APP. The main benefit is to avoid climbing to the top of silos, only to check proper operation of filter air supply system or filter element integrite.

·         The sequencer exchange data with your Android smartphone via Wi-Fi;
·         Lower maintenance cost;
·         Lower energy cost;
·         Easy installation;
·         Increase filter elements service life;
·         RETROFIT cartridges or bags filters from any model or manufacturer;
·         Annual savings pay the investment;
·         Silo Climbing frequency reduced
Actuates in the filter elements cleaning only when necessary, saving energy and compressed air, also provide higher filter elements durability.
·         No wire needed for data  transmission;
·         Wi-Fi reaches up to 90 m;
·         Lower compressed air consumption.
The Intelli-Filter measure and process the differential pressure between the filter elements external part (dirty side) and the internal part (clean side) actuating its cleaning in an optimized way.
·         4, 8, 12 or 16 Output channels (24VDC);
·         Backlit LCD 16X2;
·         Differential pressure sensor;
·         Communication with  smartphones    via
·         App (Optional);
·         Power Supply 24VDC.

·         Wi-Fi communication module
·         Temperature and humidity sensor:
·         Temperature range: - 40 a 80 ºC
·         Humidity range: 0 a 100%
·         Pressure transmission via 4~20mA

 · User-friendly interface;
·         Easy installation;
·         Dynamic configuration;
·         Smart Notifications;
·         Lightweight (it doesn’t require excessive memory of your smartphone);
·         Precise and fulltime information;
·         Supports and suggests maintenance interventions;
·         All information in the palm.
Through the app it is possible to view real-time filter status, obtain cleaning logs, and the savings generated by the Intelli-Filter (compared to a conventional sequencer).

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